Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Balls Of Fire

What an exhausting month it has been! Also, I don't recall ever seeing temperatures going up to 90 degrees in socal. Last night I dreamt that I had three exams the next day for classes I forgot I was taking. The heat must be getting to my head.

The heat is also taking a toll on the garden. That, and the fact that I have been a very bad farmer and neglecting to care for the plants. Pictures will be posted soon (but they aren't going to be pretty).

Speaking of pretty, check out my new banner! This was created for me by my beautiful and talented friend (info available upon request). She has been commissioned to create banners and fliers for printing and for online use by important people and groups in the community (yes, she's that good!).

On a different note, I feel mentally full from today's homily. The take-away message was to get lost and be depressed. So many of us go through life with a plan for every moment that our heart beats. However, most of our best adventures are those that we do not plan. When we find ourselves in situations that we didn't expect, we are forced to be creative and possibly learn something new in the process. When we are depressed or feel down-trodden, we reflect more deeply.  We (hopefully) tend to think about the meaning of our life and where it is headed. In the end, we come out with more knowledge and understanding of ourself. So friends, get lost and be depressed!


  1. you are so khung. You get lost and be depressed first please. :))

  2. Thanks Liz!

    An, I'm always lost and once in a while I get depressed (like when you call me khung) so I'm already ahead of the game. You should try to catch up!