Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everyday I'm Puzzling

I haven't come across a good puzzle lately and I had the sudden urge to flex my mind with one. Challenge me with a good one! In the mean time, I'll give you this:

A farmer challenges an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician to fence off the largest amount of area using the least amount of fence.

The engineer made his fence in a circle and said it was the most efficient.

The physicist made a long line and said that the length was infinite. Then he said that fencing half of the Earth was the best.

The mathematician laughed at the others and with his design, beat the others. What did he do?

I'll give you some time to mull over this. First one to post the correct answer (or anything better than the correct answer by my standards) gets a virtual hi-five! Buena suerte


  1. he made a circle around himself and claim that the outer area of the circle is the fence. :)

  2. by the way, your joke is so rusty :)). I challenge you:
    One day, an Elephant couple and a mouse couple feel bored and decided to swap partners. The morning after the first night they swap, the bear police office came to the scene and claim that the female mouse was dead in the mission after serving the big male elephant. The question is what the status for the male mouse was announced???

  3. Good job An, you got the answer correctly. Unfortunately the virtual hi-five went to someone else who responded before you. Thanks for trying though!
    By the way, I don't understand your riddle. >_<

  4. I only see 3 comments and I think I'm the first one to comment. Who's this virtual person with the invisible response?
    By the way, the male mouse was said to be lost(mat tich) in mission. It was a joke and I made it into a riddle. Do you understand the joke? :) if not, you are too innocent to understand it.